“Clean Bite™ II” and “Clean Bite™ II Interact”

The structural body of Clean Bite™ II is displayed in yellow. It comprises a core pad providing a monolithic connection to a multitude of upper and lower mushroom-shaped bristles. Dependent on the specific application, the bristles may have a variation in patterns and shapes. LivFresh Dental Gel, by Livionex, Inc., is blue and fills the structural core throughout the bristle pattern to immerse the exposed surfaces of the pet’s teeth while masticating.

Clean Bite™ II comes in an appropriate bite-size treat to meet the particular pet’s needs according to its weight. This treat has various flavoring to the liking of the pet’s species, and the patented material used to form the core pad and bristles is a gelatin foodstuff that, along with the LivFresh dentifrice, is soluble and fully ingested. The second version of Clean Bite™ II is “Clean Bite™ II Interact” with the same designed structure, larger in size, non-soluble, and built to hold up under a playful tug-of-war for deep cleaning of the pet’s full bite.

As the pet bites down on Clean Bite™ II, it causes both the cap and its supporting column to deflect the mushroom-shaped bristles. As the teeth deflect the bristles and penetrate the monolithic pad, the brim on the circumference of the cap, which is inverted, gently brushes LivFresh dentifrice across the surface of the teeth. This motion activates LivFresh, causing the adhesive that enables the plaque to adhere to the tooth surface to break down.

Plaque removal is accomplished without using any abrasive aggregate or detergents, nor is there a need for fractured shards to scrape the tooth’s surface. Continuing to chew Clean Bite™ II causes LivFresh to disperse throughout the pet’s mouth, working to remove plaque while freshening the pet’s breath. Simultaneously, the structural portion of Clean Bite™ II begins to dissolve and liquefy and then swallowed as intended.

The frequency of use for Clean Bite™ II or “Clean Bite™ II Interact” is best determined by the pet’s owner, but should not exceed as directed on the packaging or as recommended by your Veterinarian. Keeping the pet’s teeth clean will contribute to good oral hygiene and overall better health of your best friend.

U.S. Patent 11,730,144, Patents in the EU and India have also been Allowed and awaiting issuance

“A revolution in oral hygiene”

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