Our Approach


There is usually a moment that defines your actions and for Clean Bite™, it was a specific experience of the founder, John Gallagher.

Fifty years ago, as a college student, Gallagher enlisted in the U.S. Army reserve and was trained as an Army medic. After returning to reserve status, he was assigned to an amputee ward at the Walson Army Hospital at Fort Dix, N.J., during the Vietnam War era. While on the ward, his experience with his most severely wounded patient, was so impactful that it planted the seed for his future endeavor with Clean Bite™.

Fast forward to 2018, Gallagher is fully invested in propelling Clean Bite™ forward and potentially changing the lives of individuals all around the world. Clean Bite not only offers a solution but is fueled by the determination of a team who are Members of the Clean Bite, LLC.

Our Story

Company History

Dent-Chew Brush, LLC, was formed in January 2009 by John H. Gallagher, Jr., the inventor of Clean Bite™, and funded at its inception and beyond by friends and family as Angel Investors. Within the first quarter of 2009, Kodak expressed interest in being an exclusive supplier of gelatin, a primary component of Clean Bite’s formulation, through its subsidiary Eastman Gelatine, Inc.

A Strategic Partnership ensued, and it was not until Eastman Gelatine, Inc. was sold, and Kodak went into Chapter 11 proceedings in December 2012 that the relationship was halted. These events introduced uncertainty to a path forward having expended the initial funding on R&D and loosing the anticipated participation of an industry giant. The Patent had yet to be granted and the raising of additional funding was further hampered by the JOBS Act’s implementation that was still being debated.

The patent was issued on October 23, 2012, but with funding still not available Gallagher turned to bartering equity in exchange for design/build services to advance automation of the prototype production. This required a completely different approach to injection molding that is generally understood to use only exothermic materials. Clean Bite’s formulation constitutes a foodstuff which is endothermic, requiring the injection equipment to both heat and cool the material throughout its manufacturing process. This effort began in mid-2013.

For the next 18 months iterations were designed, and re-designed, as each incurred difficulty was isolated and resolved. Throughout this development, each issued brought with it a better understanding of what was required to produce a single shot monolithically molded product with 800+ bristles fully in tack when released from the mold, while learning an abundant residual of proprietary IP.

Still absent of funding in 2015 it was not until the 3rdQ of 2016, that an unsolicited request for a meeting and samples came from Johnson & Johnson. In the meeting that followed, it was made clear that Johnson & Johnson was primarily interested in markets throughout the developing world where populations did not have reliable, potable water. There was no interest in the purchase or licensing of the patent, but rather the purchase of a $100M company that they could turn into a $1B division. This prompted the need for a change to Dent-Chew Brush’s business model through the formation of Clean Bite, LLC. As a new entity, Clean Bite, LLC acquired sole rights to the U.S. Patent, Trademark, equipment and related IP that in any way contributes to the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of Clean Bite™.

Meet the Management Team


John H. Gallagher Jr.

Inventor, Founder & Managing Director

As the inventor, he has developed the Clean Bite™ from concept to reality and built the development team. Previously, he was SVP of AmeraCash Solutions, Inc., where he oversaw the recruitment of 400 independent merchants to establish Philadelphia’s largest POS network of utility payment locations. Prior to that he founded and was President of both American Recreational Builders, Inc. which constructed athletic facilities from 1973 to 1979 and was renamed Gallagher and Associates, Inc. when merging with Gallagher and Associates (Palm Springs, CA) transitioning to a unionized construction company specializing in the restoration of concrete and steel and the application of protective coatings. Primary clientele was the U.S. government (military, federal and state agencies) and industrial plants with projects ranging from U.S. Naval ships to bridge and highway infrastructure.


Roman Bielski, Ph.D.


Dr. Bielski is a Director of Clean Bite, LLC, and Chemist with expertise in the total synthesis of carbohydrates and pheromones, formation of micro and nanocapsules for the controlled delivery, synthesis of polymers and radio-labeled compounds, ultra-sensitive detection and measurements in biological fluids, food, and petroleum products. Dr. Bielski co-founded several small companies (Petramec, Petrotraces, Attochrom/Biotraces). At present, he is a Senior Scientist in Value Recovery, Inc., one of four partners in Cheminnolab, LLC., Adjunct Professor at the Pharmaceutical Department of the Wilkes University and has been elected a Secretary of the Chemical Consultants Network. Dr. Bielski developed a novel technology enabling the recovery of various waste components (using phase transfer catalysis), a method that economically destroys methyl bromide from fumigations and a novel material formulation for a disposable oral hygiene product based on cross-linked gelatin. Dr. Bielski holds a Masters degree in chemical engineering and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry (with O. Achmatowicz of the Achmatowicz reaction). He was a postdoctoral fellow at Imperial College in London with the Nobel laureate Sir Derek Barton. He worked in academia at Warsaw Agricultural University, Cornell University, and Lehigh University.


Thomas Holder

Head of Equipment Design &

LLC Member

Thomas Holder is a Member of Clean Bite, LLC and he is responsible for the design, and assembly of the first endothermic injection equipment, and will lead in the development of the high-speed endothermic injection equipment. Mr. Holder is also the CEO of Thomas Holder Inc., a design firm he established in 1987. His CAD design expertise includes SolidWorks, the most popular 3D solid modeling software. Mr. Holder holds a BS from California State College (now California University of Pennsylvania) in Industrial Arts Education, and a Master’s in Industrial Arts from Millersville University. Mr. Holder has designed, developed and built food production equipment and related plant packaging lines for some of the most familiar food brands in the U.S.


D. Craig Callaghan, Esquire

In-House General Counsel

Craig Callaghan, Esq. is Clean Bite, LLC's In-House General Counsel. Prior to joining DCB Craig practiced law for more than 25 years as a litigator at top-tier firms in Philadelphia. He has represented clients in business counseling, complex litigation, and alternative dispute resolution. Craig is experienced in handling internal investigations, risk management, labor and employment, trade secrets and mass torts. He has also served as an arbitrator in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas Compulsory Arbitration Program and as a trained certified mediator. His clients included, among others, major pharmaceutical companies and a top five accounting firm. Craig is an honors graduate of Thurgood Marshall School of Law where he graduated top of his class. He has been certified as a trained mediator by the Lancaster Mediation Center. Craig also attended the University of Houston where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in English literature. Before attending law school, Craig taught remedial reading to 7th and 8th-grade inner-city students in the Houston Independent School District. Following law school, Craig taught at Villanova University School of Law as a legal writing instructor. Bar Admissions: Texas (Inactive), Pennsylvania, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania.