Clean Bite, LLC – OPO: Vol. 1.2 “What are the multiple markets and revenue streams of Clean Bite, LLC?”

Clean Bite, LLC has filed an OPO (Online Public Offering) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) using Netcapital is a Funding Portal registered with the U.S. SEC and member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), a registered national securities association, as required by SEC rules.

The pre-money valuation is $8M and the SEC Regulation CF raise has a targeted post-money valuation of $9,068,000.

The U.S. Patented Clean Bite™ has a far-reaching potential usefulness, however it is not intended to replace the traditional tooth-brushing methods used in the home. Its benefit stems from the ability to provide oral hygiene when traditional means are inappropriate or unavailable.

Clean Bite™ is designed to deliver measurable results brushing the user’s teeth, gingival margins and tongue. While eliminating the need for a brush, paste or water it also dissolves after its utility and can be fully ingested. It is this feature that uniquely sets Clean Bite™ apart from other single use toothbrushes and enables its use as a delivery system for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for populations throughout the developing world.

Being made in various sizes and flavors makes Clean Bite™ suitable for both children and adults. The most notable markets as a consumer product are:

  • At-risk children who receive meals at school, paid for by the USDA (» 8 Billion meals/school yr.)
  • Military in theater eating Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s)
  • Travelers to include air passengers
  • Hospital patients and prison inmates (eliminating possible contraband)
  • Casual users wanting to brush mid-day or before going home
  • International markets including the developing worldThe revenue from product sales of Clean Bite™ represents the lion share of income for Licensed Franchise Manufacturers. Clean Bite, LLC has various streams of income as any typical franchiser, to include:
    • In-house product sales (company plant)
    • Franchise licensing fees
    • Proprietary manufacturing and packaging equipment
    • Formulated pre-mixed material (patented)
    • Gross receipts fees
    • National Accounts Sales (Franchisor’s Suggested National Accounts Pricing, FSNAP*)

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